Who is AeroMapix

We have over 40 years of experience in the Construction industry with Project Planning and Progress Management under our belts.

A combined experience of over 20 years working in Sales and  Marketing and the Oil and Gas industry.

Our work profiles span over other industries such as Electrical Engineering, Finance, Sports Management and Somatology.

Our Team

Kim Hutchins

Over 40 years of experience working in the construction industry and being at the forefront of many big projects. Kim is a Multi-Rotor RPL Pilot himself since 2017 and is the founder of Aeromapix (Pty) Ltd.

Shannel Hutchins

Joining the team from a financial background as well as working in the Oil and Gas industry, Shannel holds a dual RPL license for Multirotor and fixed-wing drones. Shannel heads up our Quality and Safety departments by keeping them at the top of our priority list.

Matthew Adams

Adding variety to the company dynamics from a Golfing and a  Sports Management background, with a family passion of the Aviation industry. Matthew holds a Multi-Rotor rating on his RPL license as well as playing an integral role in our Drone operations

Our Clients

Our Team, AeroMapix

NCP Chlorochem

Our Team, AeroMapix

Sabi River Sun

Our Team, AeroMapix

BSM Baker

Our Team, AeroMapix

Nesa Energy